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Champion Esprit –
Böckmann’s Affordable New Aluminum Model

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As we said in our introductory comments about this model on our Böckmann main page, the Champion Esprit was developed to put a well-equipped aluminum Böckmann within reach of more equestrians. To offer this much trailer at significant savings, they’re using some components (such as axles, windows and butt & chest bars) that are shared with other products. These components are well-proven, but because they’re produced in higher volumes, they’re less expensive than the Böckmann-exclusive components used on their other models. In addition, Böckmann is limiting the number of options offered on Esprits to increase production efficiency. Fortunately, Esprits are well equipped in standard form, so you don’t need to settle for a bare-bones trailer to become the proud owner of a new aluminum Böckmann. And as with other Böckmanns, the light tongue weight (due to its balanced design) and low-drag shape mean that the Champion Esprit can be pulled safely by many of today’s fuel-efficient smaller SUVs and trucks and even some cars.


As you may have noticed in the photos, the Esprit looks like the other Champions because it is a Champion! The Esprit has the same stacked-tube anodized aluminum walls, the same rugged fiberglass roof with deep gloss gelcoat and the same aluminum interlocking-panel floor. As on the other models, the rubber mat is bonded to the floor and the edges sealed. This produces a long-lasting floor that’s extremely easy to clean. Just sweep or hose it out. No need to lift a mat! As on the other Champions, there’s a corrosion-protected galvanized steel chassis, smooth-riding torsion axles with shock absorbers, radial tires and more. The Esprit may be more affordable than the other Champions, but it’s still a Böckmann, which means it’s a premium trailer with a high level of standard equipment.
Check out some other details in our photos!


The Esprit offers 2 height adjustments on the chest bars and 3 same-height positions on the butt bars. The stall bars are quick & quiet and easy to use. In addition, there’s an exterior emergency release on the chest bars. If a horse gets caught under or over a bar, unscrew the exterior tie loop and the wall mount comes down. The horse is freed without a need for someone to get inside to pry or hammer something loose. Thoughtful design! The extra tall 5’ ramp has the same molded mat with toeholds as the other models and enjoys the assist of a pair of gas springs that offer strong assist throughout the ramp’s travel. (Compare this to the torsion springs on many trailers that offer reduced assist as they uncoil as the ramp goes up.) Studies have shown that blue light is calming for horses, so the Esprit’s interior light has two modes. Flip the switch one way for white light while you tend to the horses. Flip it the other way for calming blue light during travel!


Our customers overwhelmingly show preference for tack accommodation, so we order our Esprits with the optional tack compartment as shown here, but a non-tack version of the Esprit is also offered. As on other Böckmann models (we find ourselves saying that a lot about the Esprit), the tack compartment has as standard two telescoping saddle racks, bridle hooks, whip holders, a mirror, storage net, telescoping shovel & broom and wheel chocks. Hopefully you won’t need to change a tire, but if the need arises, the Esprit even comes with a spare tire and lug wrench.


There’s a 5-way window on each side offering a view out for your horses, good light and ventilation. They’re called “5-way” windows because you can open back, front, top, bottom or all-the-way-around. We’re showing the “all around” and “bottom open” positions in a couple of the pictures. Roll up the self-furling rear curtain for additional ventilation and natural light.


The anodized aluminum walls of a Böckmann are always Silver-Gray, but two roof colors are offered for the Esprit, Black Metallic as shown and Silver Metallic. If you’ve liked the idea of owning a Böckmann, but assumed they were out of reach, the Champion Esprit might be the trailer for you. Stop by to take a test drive, call or email to find out more!

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