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Frontier Aluminum Horse Trailers – Stout Construction, Abundant Features, Great Prices!

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Frontier Fast Track 2+1 GN with Tack Room


Here’s a recent addition to the Frontier lineup that’s quickly become a best seller.  It’s the Fast Track 2+1 gooseneck with tack room.   When time permits, we’re going to integrate this model into our Frontier main page, but ‘til then, here’s an introduction to this very versatile model…


We’ve been selling 2+1s in various brands since the late 1990s.  Folks with a need to haul 2 to 3 large horses love them.  The “2+1” refers to the 2 straight stalls plus 1 box stall forward.  Some might ask, “Wouldn’t a 3H slant do just as well?”  Not if you have large horses.  Your typical 3H slant is designed for smaller breeds.  With a properly sized 2+1 such as this one, you have two roomy straight stalls plus a spacious box stall forward to let large horses ride in comfort.  On the Frontier 2+1, body height is a big-horse-friendly 7’6” and body width is 7 feet.  In addition to the room, this type of 2+1 offers a side-loading capability you’ll likely find indispensible if you do much trailering without an assistant.


Most folks use it set up as 2 straight stalls plus a box to accommodate 3 horses.  But you can also remove the straight stall hardware and set it up as 2 box stalls for long distance transport or to carry a couple of mares and foals.  Remember that side-loading capability we mentioned a moment ago?  Walk a horse in through the side ramp, back it into its stall, repeat for the second horse and then load the third horse into the box stall.  In addition, unlike a slant load, in a 2+1, each horse is easily accessible.  In the slant, if you need to unload the first or second horse, you need to unload the other horses first.  If you’ve seen a 2+1, you know what we’re talking about.  If you haven’t seen a 2+1, you need to check one out to get a sense of the versatility.  

As with the other Frontiers, this Fast Track 2+1 GN has an aluminum tube frame, aluminum skin and extruded aluminum plank floor.  Take a look at the generously-sized aluminum tubes in the gooseneck structure.   A trailer is only good as its foundation, and this trailer has a very good one.


The Fast Track 2+1 is very well equipped in standard form.  The one shown here is even better equipped, as it has some of those useful extras folks have come to expect in a Traveled Lane-spec trailer.  In the horse area, there are plenty of windows (including a drop feed window at the head of each straight stall), vents over the straight stalls, heavy duty wall liner, rear and side ramps, an escape door, 50/50 box stall doors, a pass door from the horse area to tack area and much more.   And please note, that side ramp is 5 feet wide, much more convenient than the narrower ramps on some trailers.  Up in the tack space, there is normally a pair of adjustable height saddle racks (although we have 4 in the trailer we’re showing here), blanket bars, bridle hooks, a brush tray and more.   Running boards are standard to aid ingress and egress.  On this one, we specified an extra foot of length to give a bit more space in the box stall and the tack area.  We also specified some extra windows and vents and some other minor items that make the trailer even nicer to live with.

In addition to the aluminum structure, other quality standard features include smooth-riding Dexter torsion axles, radial tires, bright, reliable LED running lights & interior lights and stainless steel hardware in many areas.

Do you recall that we said that we’ve sold 2+1s since the late 1990s?  Many of those trailers priced out in the $30,000s and some even in the $40,000s.  Admittedly, those ones in the $40,000s were very high end trailers.   As we type this in October 2015, we’re able to offer a well made and very nicely equipped Frontier 2+1 in the low $20,000s.  Thanks to efficient production and the volume buying power of Frontier’s parent company, the Fast Track 2+1 offers a tremendous amount of value.  We invite you to stop by and check out this very versatile model.

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