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Integrity Trailers
Premium Quality to Fit Most Budgets

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An Integrity trailer is one of those products that, even if you’ve never seen one before, you’ll know you’re looking at something special. When we first saw one, our first thought was, “What a nice looking trailer!” Then we started taking in the details. The second impression was, “What an impressively built trailer!”



Starting at the front, there was the V-nose that’s just right; sharp enough to cut the air, but wide enough to provide useful space forward. Then there was the robust triple tube tongue with glossy silver-gray enamel finish. (Integrity tells us it’s the same paint you’d find on the engine of a very expensive English luxury automobile. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend $300,000 to get it on your Integrity.) Diamond plate stone guard with edge trim.

At the side door, we noticed aluminum hinges and an aluminum cam bar latch. The significance here? Integrity uses aluminum rather than the more common plated steel. And Integrity’s cam bar latch grabs at top and bottom as on commercial trucks. Very secure. Then we took a look underneath. Tube main frame. Full height cross-members. Undercoated (including the floor). We were so impressed, we decided to include a picture here so you can take a look. It didn’t take long for us to see that Integrity is a manufacturer that pays attention to the details.


When we learned a bit about Integrity’s history, we could better understand their focus on quality.   Every once in a while, someone will show up unannounced pulling a shiny new trailer for us to look at.  And that’s exactly what happened one day back in 2012.   In this case, it was Integrity’s General Manager who stopped in.  We hadn’t heard of Integrity at the time, but we figured the trailer was right there in front of us, so we might as well take a look.  If you read the paragraph just before this one, you know how we reacted to that trailer.


But the story behind the company was compelling as well.  Integrity’s General Manager used to run a plant that built high-end enclosed trailers. We won’t mention the name of those other trailers, but you’d likely recognize it as a premium product.  Well, that other brand was bought by a conglomerate and production moved to one of their other facilities.  That move made available a talented workforce and a modern facility.  The stars aligned, technical and financial resources quickly came together and Integrity Trailers was born.   That was back around 2011.   Integrity’s goal was to not only meet the quality of the products previously built at the plant, but to surpass it.  Those other trailers were very good, but Integrity’s design team felt there were some details that could be better. They’ve incorporated those updates into Integrity products.


Integrity offers 4 model lines under the Integrity name and a fifth under a separate brand name, Stock-Aide.   At the top of the range is their ITI series.  We sell a fair number of True Line models, so a lot of our comments in this section and pictures apply to the True Lines.  In the Integrity scheme of things, the True Lines are mid range models, but they compare favorably to the top models from many manufacturers.   Next down the range in price (but not quality!) are Honor Line and Pride Line models.   Some ITI and Honor Line examples are shown just below.


ITI Series 8x24

ITI 6x12

 Honor Lines

 HL with interior options

In 2016, Integrity created the Stock-Aide series for the shopper who wants Integrity craftsmanship in a more basic trailer.   Quite a few customers have told us our Stock-Aides  are price competitive with trailers of lesser build quality.   Manufacturing efficiency is necessary to keep the quality up and price down, so the Stock-Aides are offered in a limited number of sizes and with limited options.   Fortunately, a lot of popular sizes are offered and the options that are offered fit a wide range of user applications.  We’re going to create a separate Stock-Aide section as time permits.


Stock-Aide Single & Tandem axle

Stock Aide 6x12 interior view

Stock-Aide 5x8


Integrity offers enclosed trailers in body widths of 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet. Standard box lengths range from 8 to 24 feet, but they offer longer custom lengths and height options as well (some of the trailers shown here are 7’ tall).  A variety of options is offered.  We’re showing bumper pulls here, but Integrity builds goosenecks as well.


Here are some other Integrity True Line standard features (some apply to all Integrity lines):

· EverLube coating on exterior screws for corrosion resistance

· Fully coated frame (not just the chassis!)

· Poly film between aluminum skin and steel frame to prevent galvanic corrosion (i.e., reaction between the two metals)

· Seamless aluminum roof

· Painted floor of furniture grade plywood for long life and stability

· Low profile joiner trim for interior wall panels

· Smooth-riding torsion axles

· Radial tires

· Bright LED tail and marker lights

· Several no-cost color choices

· And much more…

You may have noticed that some of the trailers on this page have 2 colors and some have 3. Integrity offers an option of doing 2 or more colors on the exterior of the trailer. An Integrity stands out in a single color. It’s even harder to overlook in a multi-color exterior!

We invite you to stop by and see our Integrity trailers or contact us about a custom build.   We’ve just covered some highlights here, but we hope this gives you a sense of Integrity’s quality-oriented approach to building trailers.

(Please note:   Some trailers are shown with options.)

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