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Kingston’s been producing premium quality trailers since 1960. And unlike some brands, which seem to change ownership every few years, Kingston was owned by its founder until just a few years ago. That stability of ownership means that today’s Kingstons are built with the same dedication to quality, durability and safety as the first ones. In fact, today’s Kingstons benefit from modern materials, so we think they’re better than ever!

Kingston introduced their aluminum-framed Classic models in early 2012 and it quickly became apparently that there was a lot of pent-up demand. In fact, demand was so great that in mid-2014, Kingston discontinued their steel-framed models to concentrate on production of their aluminum models. We’ve updated our Kingston section with expanded information on Kingston’s aluminum models.

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Classic Elite w/DR

Warmblood XWide


Endurance 2H BP w/DR
Warmblood XWide
Configure to Your Needs!

 Classic Elite 2H BP
Warmblood XWide

 Belvedere Classic
Warmblood XWide

Classic Standard 2H BP
Warmblood XWide

2+1 Classic
2 Straight Stalls plus a Box Stall
For 2 to 3 horses. Load from side or rear!

Brunswick Classic with Dressing Room
Side Unload

Side & Rear Ramps.

Classic Elite Plus
They took the already spacious Classic Elite and made it longer!

Newport Classic 2H Side Unload

Offered with & w/o Dressing Room

Click on the picture in the green area for more pictures and feature description on that model.
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call to see if model in stock


As is the custom with Kingston, the Classics offer quality workmanship and a high level of standard safety & convenience features. Kingston offers some models in a “Standard” trim level and most models in “Elite” trim level. The Standards are built to the same exacting standards as the Elites, but as you might guess, the Elites have more standard equipment (and because the Elite trim is so affordable, the Elites are also our best-selling Kingstons). Here’s typical standard equipment:

· Warmblood-sized horse area (generous 6’8” body width, approx. 11’ horse area, 7’5” body height; some models have extra space)

· All-around windows for great light & ventilation (plus 2-way roof vents on many models)

· Escape doors & running boards on both sides for convenient entry & exit

· Spring-assisted ramp (with adjustable assist)

· Quick-securing butt bars to reduce your time in the kick zone

· Quick-securing (and lockable) ramp latches

· Padded stall divider, walls & bars

· Smooth-riding torsion axles

· Radial tires

· Bright, reliable LED running lights

· And much more…


In addition to overall robust construction, Kingston’s Classic aluminum structure incorporates a 2”x2” aluminum extrusion 4 feet above floor level . The purpose? Added protection for your horses in the event of a side impact or rollover. It’s one of those “hope you never have to make use of it” features, but it’s nice to know it’s there.


Kingstons are so well equipped, many of ours go out with no options added. (Although Kingston does offer attractive options such as a Rumber plank floor. No mats required. Easy clean-up!) There’s something else we’d like to point out about Kingston trailers, and that’s the way they feel as you pull one down the road. As mentioned earlier, Kingstons feature robust construction to stand up to years (and for many owners, decades) of use, yet they’re so well balanced that they have the feel of a lighter trailer. If you get a chance, talk to some Kingston owners. You’ll get an even better idea why Kingston enjoys such a high level of customer satisfaction, high resale value (if you can find a used one!) and brand loyalty. Stop by and check out our great selection!


 (Floor plans and some photos courtesy of Kingston Trailers. Text reflects equipment levels in effect at time of preparation. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice. [Which is our way of saying we try to present accurate information, but running changes sometimes get ahead of our updates.])


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