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Moritz DLB Models



Here's a Moritz International DLB.  That designation stands for Dump, Low profile, Bumper pull.  The pictured trailer is a DLB68-12 (6'8" wide and 12' long).  DLBs are so well equipped that everything shown here is standard.  The low profile design keeps the center of gravity down and the standard scissors lift means there's plenty of lifting power.  If you've ever had to shovel out part of a load before your dump trailer could lift, you'll appreciate the lifting power of the Moritz design.  Save time and save your back.  Moritz offers the DLB in sizes from 5'x8' (single axle, 5000 lb. GVWR) to 6'8"x14' with up to 14,000 lb. GVWR.  All Moritz dump trailers of 9950 lb. GVWR & up feature a standard scissors lift.  On 10' & 12' models, it's power up/gravity down.  On 8' & 14' models, it's power up/power down.  A remote lift control is standard for convenient operation and a wireless remote is available as an option. 
Moritz products are heavy duty.  Note the hinges, latches, coupler A-frame and dump body construction.  There are plenty of supports to keep the sides from pushing out and there are standard hooks for securing a tarp.  The DLB even comes with a tarp mount as standard (the tarp is available as an option).  Rubber torsion axles are usually found on nicer trailers, and they're standard on the Moritz DLB series.  Moritz trailers feature sealed beam lights and moisture resistant wiring connectors.  Moritz even takes special care in the finish of their trailers.  There's an acid wash prep followed by 2 coats of primer, various seams are caulked to minimize the chance of rust and then two coats of acrylic enamel are applied. 
The trailer pictured here  is a DLB68-12 with 12,000 lb. GVWR, Moritz's most popular dump trailer model.  DLBs larger than the 5x8 feature a standard split & metering gate as well as heavy duty ramps that slide in under the rear gate.  We've highlighted split & metering because many trailers will offer rear doors OR a metering gate, but Moritz gives you both functions as standard in a robust gate that will stand up to heavy use.  Six heavy duty tie downs are standard, so you can use the DLB to haul equipment to the job site and then use it to move materials.  Moritz tandem dump trailers are available in 6' and 6'8" body widths.  The 6'8" width is very popular because it can accommodate equipment with  6' buckets or blades.  
Moritz offers gooseneck dump trailers up to 14' in length and they also have a series of Deckover Dump (DD) models.
Please note - we've displayed this trailer in the up position while not connected to a vehicle only for purposes of producing a cleaner photo.  When raising a dump bed, we recommend having a trailer connected to a tow vehicle. 

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