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2001 Jamco 2+1 – Versatile, Well-Equipped & Very Clean!

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2+1s are popular because they’re more versatile than small trailers and easier to handle than 4 or 6 horse trailers. We get frequent inquiries for used 2+1s, but not a lot of them come in, so this trailer presents a rare opportunity. This Jamco came in recently for us to show as a private sale. The original owners have decided to downsize. This 2+1 can accommodate 2 large horses in the straight stalls plus a third large horse in the box stall. Unlike the typical slant, which has stalls sized for smaller breeds, a true 2+1 such as this offers stall sizes and height to accommodate large horses in comfort. A 2+1 is great if you do much trailering without an assistant. Load the first horse via the side ramp, back him into his stall and close one of the 50/50 box stall doors. Do the same with the second horse. Then load the third horse into the box stall. Unlike a slant load, where you often have to unload a horse or two before you can unload one of the horses in the front, with a 2+1, you can unload any of the horses without having to unload any of the others first. With this Jamco 2+1, you can also remove the straight stall hardware to create two roomy box stalls.


If you skipped the teaser item on our Used Trailers lead page, please note that a Jamco is not just another trailer. Many trailers feature “skin over frame” construction, where there’s a thin skin of aluminum over a skeleton of small tubes. Jamco trailers have walls of interlocking aluminum tubes, similar to how they stack logs to build a log house. This method of construction makes for a very strong and quiet trailer and the double-wall design provides a dead-air-space insulation effect. This trailer also has the optional lined & insulated ceiling. In addition to a large box stall and well equipped dressing room forward, this Jamco has a full height escape door on the road side and a ¾ escape door on the curb side for access to the head space at the straight stalls. A nice custom feature on this particular trailer is a gas spring on the rear ramp in addition to the standard torsion springs. The combination makes for a ramp that’s very easy to lift.


(Please note that we took the pictures while some of the owner’s accessories were still in the trailer. It’s to be determined if any of the accessories will go with the trailer, so until further notice, assume that the accessories don’t go with the trailer.)

Not a lot of used 2+1s come on the market and even fewer in the premium quality class of a Jamco, so stop by and check out this very clean and well-equipped Jamco! Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane. Asking $21,900.


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