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2009 4Star 2H Straight Load w/ Tack Room –
Lightly Used, Loaded, Stored Indoors & Immaculate


Where to begin….   We have nearly two pages of notes on the features of this trailer.   As we mentioned in the introduction, we recently took this custom 4Star 2H straight load in trade from the original owner.  It was built to haul her draft horses.  A 4Star is a robust trailer to start with.   This one has an aluminum chassis and structure as you would expect from 4Star, but for added strength, it has steel reinforcements in some areas of the chassis.   Even though it was built to haul drafts, it was used very little and has been stored indoors for much of its life.   This trailer is exceptionally clean.



By our tape, body length is 15.5 feet.   Body height and body width are 7 feet.   The horse area is a touch under 11 feet and the tack room is approximately 4’ including the V-nose.  If you don’t care to lift a ramp, this one is a step-up with double rear doors.   There’s an escape door with window on each side as well as a running board on each side, all in the interest of convenient and safe ingress & egress.   The cam bar latches on the escape doors and rear doors are massive, so what you put in this trailer will stay in there until YOU decide it’s time for them to come out.   This trailer features livestock air gaps in the horse area for great natural light.  The Plexiglas is easily removable for outstanding ventilation.   The roof is lined & insulated for comfort & quiet.  There’s a roof vent over each stall and a large vent with guard bars & screen in the front wall for added air flow to the horses from the tack room’s window and roof vent.


The well-supported aluminum floor features the desirable WERM flooring system.  WERM stands for “We Eliminate Rubber Mats.”   The WERM coating feels good under foot, has texture for traction and because there are no mats to lift or wrestle out of the trailer, floor clean-up is a snap.   Just sweep or hose it out.  In addition, the WERM coating keeps animal wastes from reaching the floor surface, eliminating the pitting and deterioration that can occur with unprotected floors.

Other features of the horse area include padded stall divider & walls, padded butt bars & padded chest bars.   Butt & chest bars feature quick releases at both ends.  That is, both ends of each bar can be released quickly if necessary.    


The tack room is compact, but well laid out and loaded, loaded, loaded with handy accessories.     Many trailers have one or two brush trays at most.  As you approach the dressing room of this one, you’ll likely notice that the lockable door with window has 3 brush trays.   There are a couple of large round magnets on which small items can be hung and there’s even a clock.   There are a couple of small bins and a mirror.  And that’s just what you’ll find on the door!  Step inside, look to your left and you’ll see several brush trays on the back wall as well as many, many bridle and hanging hooks, some storage bins and a holder for one of those tire-changing wedges.   Also note that the wall is matted to keep tack from clanging and scraping. 


But wait, there’s more in that tack room…  Look to your right and you’ll see another brush tray and more hooks for bridles or whatever.    There are 3 saddle racks plus a couple of swing-out blanket bars.   There’s a holder for about a dozen whips or other small items.   The spare tire is tucked up in the nose out of the weather and overhead, there’s a clothing rod and roof vent.


Other notable features are 3 loading lights, bright, reliable LED tail & marker lights (this trailer has high- & low-mounted tail lights), smooth-riding torsion axles, fresh Goodyear Marathon radial tires (mounted about a year ago) and stainless steel wheel covers.

If you’re a fan of 4Star trailers, you need to see this one.   If you’re looking for a high quality trailer that’s built to last, you need to see this one.   Stop by and check it out!   Asking $11,800.


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