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Featherlite 2H Straight Load with Walk-Thru Dressing Room –
Very Clean, Well-Maintained and Affordable!

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As we mentioned in the teaser, this Featherlite 2H straight load with walk-through dressing room just came in for us to show for the original owners. We’re doing something a bit different with this listing. We didn’t show the model year in the title. If someone were to tell you this trailer is a 2015, it’s in such nice condition you would not be faulted for believing it. But we’re not going to tell you it’s a 2015, because it’s a 1999. If you recall in the introduction, we said this trailer is co-owned by someone who serviced horse trailers for many years and it’s been washed and waxed at least once a year. Contributing to the “looks newer than it is” appearance are the recent tires and galvanized rims that look essentially as new. It pays to take care of your stuff! This trailer is a great example. Personally, we’re fans of Featherlites of the 1990s and early 2000s. We think they’re more solidly built than their recent products.

We originally prepared this listing off-site while waiting for ice and snow to melt and the initial dimensions were estimates. We've since returned to the office and gotten out the measuring tape. We had to make some revisions, but overall, our initial estimates on dimensions were pretty close.

We initially thought the horse area was 11' and the dressing room about 4.5'. We had the overall length right, but it's actually 10' for the horse area and 5.5' for the dressing room. That DR length includes the V-nose, which splits the air, but it's broad enough to provide useful floor space as well. The DR has more storage space than its 5.5' length would suggest, because it has a pair of saddle compartments recessed into the back wall. We'll talk about those shortly.


Thanks to the generous dimensions and abundant natural light, your horses should find the horse area quite inviting. There’s a large window beside each stall, a window in each curtain door above the ramp and a good-sized drop-down feed door with window near each horse’s head. There’s also a 2-way vent above each stall for additional air flow. A lot of trailers with a walk-through DR have partitions near the horses’ heads to create an aisle. This trailer had the partitions originally, but the owners removed them almost immediately, giving the front area a more open feeling and making it more convenient for working with the horses. It’s a nice space; we agree with their decision. The walls, stall divider and stall fronts are padded and the butt bars are padded as well. The windows and pads are there for the comfort and safety of your horses. A feature that’s there for the horse handlers, or more specifically, the health of their backs, is the very effective spring assist on the ramp. This trailer earns the much-coveted “lift it with one hand” rating from Susie, our resident lift-effort judge. (See one-handed-lift picture below. After it’s up about 2 feet, we still recommend using both hands to be on the safe side, but it’s one of the easiest ramps we’ve lifted in a while.)


A nice thing about the configuration of this Featherlite is that the saddle racks aren’t taking up valuable floor space in the dressing room. As we touched on earlier, they’re in compartments recessed into the back wall, keeping all of the floor space open in the full height section. By our tape, those saddle compartments are 32" deep. The owners removed the original glued-down carpet and replaced it with an easily removable rug to facilitate cleaning. That oval braided rug gives the roomy DR a nice homey feel. We almost expected to find an overstuffed chair and a fireplace, but there’s a spare tire instead. Seems a good tradeoff. But while there is no fireplace, there are bridle hooks, a blanket bar, a clothing rod and some owner-added accessories.

With the main features covered, we’ll wrap by reiterating that it has an aluminum frame, aluminum skin and an extruded-aluminum-plank floor. It has recently-mounted radial tires (October 2019) on owner-added galvanized rims and rides on independent torsion suspension. The running gear (bearings and brakes) was serviced in late 2019 and the trailer has seen few miles since then.


With warm weather just around the corner (to use what must be a mixed metaphor), shopper inquiries are already picking up. Used trailers are always in demand and very clean trailers in particular find homes quickly. Beat the crowd, stop by and check out this very nice Featherlite! Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane. Asking $7900.

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