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2010 Eclipse 2H Slant BP – Extra Tall & 2 Ramps!



This very nice Eclipse 2H slant offers many appealing features in addition to the generous height, two ramps and swing-wall dressing room mentioned in the introductory paragraph.   An Eclipse’s wall panels are insulated and on this one, the ceiling is lined & insulated as well.   (To clarify the 7’6” body height we mentioned in the intro, we measured 7’4” to the lined & insulated ceiling, so it’s about 7’6” to the roof.  Even at 7’4” usable, it’s taller than many slants.)  We measure a body length of approximately 14’6”, so even though this trailer offers good room, it’s not overwhelmingly long.

This one is equipped with the optional air-flow stall divider, and that, combined with the drop feed window at each stall, contributes to a bright & well-ventilated interior.  (And there’s a 2-way vent over each stall for even more air flow!)   The stall divider is padded and has a nice, easy-to-use latch; there’s no fumbling with pins to get the divider secured.   Each ramp has an excellent spring assist for ease of handling. 


The swing-wall dressing room is quite spacious.   Because each side of the nose has two facets (that is, there’s a small V at the center that transitions to a wider V), it’s hard to give a precise size on the DR.  We can’t give you our typical “long wall / short wall” dimensions, but measuring from the peak of the center V to each rear corner, we measure approximately 52” on the short side  and 90” on the long side.  Since those are diagonal measurements, in terms of usable space, it would be equivalent to something like 42” on the short wall and 78” on the long wall,   There’s a pair of removable Saddle Boss racks up in the nose and several bridle hooks.   The entry door is quite wide and even has a hold-open device near the hinge, accessible while you’re in the door opening (that is, you don’t have to reach around behind the door to latch it).   It’s a nice touch. 


This Eclipse features insulated aluminum-skinned wall panels and aluminum upper framing on a galvanized steel chassis.   It rides on torsion axles with radial tires (and there’s a spare up in the dressing room, out of the weather).   This one comes with some owner-added accessories, such as a Trailer-Aid (for changing tires), wheel chocks and small tool kit with emergency light.   This trailer offers a lot of nice features.   Stop by and check it out!   Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane.   Asking $8500.


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Disclaimer: Many used trailers listed in this section are the property of Traveled Lane Trailers, Inc., but we occasionally list private sale trailers not owned by Traveled Lane. A private sale trailer is identified as such in the description of the trailer. When service or maintenance history is mentioned in a private sale listing, it is based on information provided by the owner of the subject trailer. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by private owners, nor do we warranty/guarantee trailers identified as "private sale."

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