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1997 Hawk GN with 6’ Side Ramp and 5’ Dressing Room
Bright, Roomy & Versatile!


As the headline indicates, the features of this Hawk gooseneck offer great versatility.  By our tape, interior height is 7’6” and body width is 6’8”, so the straight stalls offer great room for warmbloods and other large horses.  Again going by our tape, the horse area is 18’.  It’s as large as many 2+1s.  (For those of you not familiar with the term, a 2+1 can accommodate two large horses in the straight stalls plus a third large horse in a forward box stall.  This one doesn’t have the box stall divider, but it has great interior space.)


You can do a lot with this trailer.  The side ramp and generous forward space let you load via the side ramp and back the horses into their stalls.   This is a great feature if you do much trailering without an assistant.   As we mentioned in the teaser, this side ramp is 6’ wide, 20% to 50% wider than the more typical 4’ to 5’ side ramps.   Even a fidgety loader is less likely to step off the side of the ramp and the wide opening is very inviting.   Thanks to effective spring assist, the side ramp has  very reasonable lift effort.     


You carriage drivers reading this might appreciate the side ramp for another reason.   If you’re tired of wrestling your carriage into and out of the back of your truck, or running a second vehicle to carry it, this trailer could simplify your travels tremendously.   With the 80” body width (about 77” interior width by our tape), a compact carriage can be rolled straight in via the side ramp.   Strap it down and at your destination, roll it down the side ramp, hitch up and go.   (Depending on the weight of the carriage, you might need a Come Along or power winch, but even so, it’s a lower load height into this trailer than to the back of a pickup.)

Some owners of side ramp trailers use that forward space as a tacking and grooming area.  Or, during a hot day at the show grounds, they’ll put down the side ramp, open the escape door and have their own breezeway, out of the hot sun.   Buy this trailer and you can, too.  As we said, this is a versatile trailer!


There are plenty of windows and there’s a 2-way vent over each stall, so there’s excellent light and ventilation in the horse area.   We’ve spent a lot of time talking about that side ramp, but there’s a rear ramp on this one as well (and as with the side ramp, it has an effective spring assist).   There’s a running board on each side for safe & convenient entry & exit.


As we mentioned in the introductory item, the dressing room is a generous 5’, 25% larger than the more typical 4’ dressing room.   The dressing room contains 4 removable saddle racks, 6 bridle hooks and a door for convenient movement from horse area to DR.  There’s a slider window in the lockable side door plus a large window on each side of the gooseneck, offering great natural light and ventilation.

On the construction front, this Hawk has an aluminum skin.   Hawk is known for using Galvanneal steel in the structure, and based on the tidy, rust-free appearance of the underside, this one appears to have a Galvanneal frame.   The interior is lined, so the walls in the horse area are smooth.   As is typical in a Hawk, the roof is fiberglass.   According to the ID plate, the trailer has a pair of 5000 lb. torsion axles, with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,000 lbs.   The trailer has aluminum wheels on 8-lug hubs.

We invite you to stop by and check out this nice-looking, versatile Hawk gooseneck!   Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane.  Asking $9000.


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