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Big Champion Series

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Model Summary: Big news! A significant new model, the Big Champion E, was created in 2023. The Big Champion E (or when we’re lazy, just “BCE”) has a groom door on each side, abundant working space in front of each stall and a 2-door tack compartment that allows the saddles to be easily accessed through either groom door opening. And we’re pleased to report that those new groom doors are taller. In addition, Böckmann’s popular 2-mode ramp/door was made a standard feature with the Big Champion update.

These features, particularly those 2 tall groom doors with better forward access, have quickly made the Big Champion E one of our most popular models. In addition to the pictures interspersed through this writeup, you’ll find buttons that let you click to a photo gallery with additional BCE pictures. (We’re showing it in popular colors, but more roof colors are available.)

What’s the significance of the changes? The previous Big Champion, which was a very nice trailer, had a single groom door in front of the right stall. The old Big Champion’s asymmetric tack compartment gave more working space in front of the right stall than the left.


In the BCE, with its 2 groom doors, you may enter equally easily from either side. By our tape, there’s over 2’ of working space between chest bar and tack compartment on each side. (Overall, there’s about 5’ of head space forward of the chest bars.) Those groom doors are several inches taller than before for more convenient access.

The Big Champion gained a bit of body height as well. Most of the other models are a touch over 7’6” tall, plenty comfortable for large horses. Body height on the updated Big Champion is now about 7’8”, even more generous!


Unlike the earlier Big Champions, the E’s tack compartment is symmetric. It’s curved and has two tack doors within easy reach of the groom door openings. The saddle racks are on a swiveling post so you may rotate them for access through either tack door opening. This is Böckmann’s award-winning Saddle Carousel. But wait, there’s more… The saddle racks extend so you can easily access your saddles while standing at either groom door opening - you don’t need to climb into the trailer to take them in or out.

We’re often asked the difference between a Champion and a Big Champion, so we’ll say a few words about that. Whereas the Champion is for 2 horses to 17 hands, the Big Champion is for 2 horses to 18 hands. The Big Champion’s body is 4” wider than that of the Champion and the Big Champion has several extra inches of head space forward. As this update is prepared in early 2024, the Champion still has the groom door on the right and an asymmetric tack compartment. That is, there’s currently not a 2-groom-door Champion equivalent of the Big Champion E.


The Big Champion weighs about 2200 lbs, approximately 250 lbs. more than a Champion. As with the Champion, the Big Champion is balanced so the loaded tongue weight will not exceed 211 lbs., so it, too, can be pulled safely by smaller-than-typical vehicles. Most of our Böckmann customers pull their trailers with 6-cylinder SUVs and trucks (or the turbocharged 4-cylinders that are taking the place of sixes in many vehicles). In countries where fuel is much more expensive, people often use cars as their tow vehicles. Böckmann has been building balanced, aerodynamic horse trailers since the mid 1950s, so their easy-towing designs are well proven on roads all over the world.


For suspension, the Champion has torsion axles with shock absorbers, which give a fine ride, but the Big Champion takes things a step further with the WCFPlus® coil spring suspension (also with shock absorbers).

That’s a summary of the differences. What they have in common are the anodized aluminum interlocking-panel walls (picture how the logs are stacked in a cabin), the easy-to-clean floor (the mat’s bonded to the extruded plank aluminum floor and the edges are sealed; NO NEED TO LIFT A MAT!), quick & quiet & adjustable Multi Safe System butt & chest bars (with external emergency release), inertia-actuated mechanical brakes (no brake controller required!), sealed wheel bearings and more. A more complete list of features is on our Böckmann main page.


At the rear, Böckmann’s 2-mode ramp/door was made a standard feature on the updated Big Champion. You may lower the ramp/door as a ramp or swing it aside for step-up loading or for loading pallets, round bales or other cargo.

The Big Champion E is a model we stock regularly, so we invite you to stop by to see it for yourself. (And if you have a suitable vehicle and are a safe driver, take a test drive!)

(Please note: Most of the features shown here are standard, but some trailers are shown with options. We took most of these pictures. Those we didn’t take are courtesy of Böckmann North America and Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH.)


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