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We took on the Calico line in early 2008 and it’s been a great addition to our lineup. Calico trailers are well made, but they're also very affordable, which makes them doubly appealing. Many folks who start out shopping for a used trailer are pleased to find they can afford a new Calico. We get several inquiries a week about used trailers, and good used ones always seem to be in short supply. Calico allows us to offer a ready supply of safe, well made, well-equipped NEW trailers at prices just slightly above those of good used trailers. (And as some of you may have found out the hard way, you often won't know if that used trailer is good or bad until AFTER you've bought it.)

Calico has been building trailers since 1983. They offer trailers ranging in size from short & narrow for miniature horses up to tall & long for warmbloods and other large breeds. Calico also offers livestock trailers in a variety of sizes.

One of the things we like about Calico is that they don’t limit you to a fixed model configuration. We like to think of designing a Calico as ordering from an a la carte menu. The starting point is a plain stock trailer. We then select options to create whatever configuration we (or you) have in mind. The basic trailer has air gaps as you’d see on a livestock trailer. If you want windows, we select “enclosed sides” and specify where you want the windows. Want a straight load? Specify straight load divider, butt bar and breast bar options. Slant load? Specify the number of slant dividers you need. Want a dressing room? You have at least 3 choices. Prefer a rear gate or ramp or a combination? Calico offers several choices here as well. Make your Calico as basic or deluxe as you wish.


Before we get too far along, we want to emphasize that when WE quote a Calico price, it’s for a READY-TO-USE trailer. With few exceptions, our trailer will have floor mats, spare tire, good height and BRAKES ON BOTH AXLES. Some dealers like to use a low price to get your attention, but then you have to add a spare tire and/or floor mats and/or other options to get it to where you really need it to be. And those add-on option prices are often inflated. If that low price special has brakes on only one axle, it’s not cost-effective to add them after the fact. (And we’re big believers that if it has two axles, it should have brakes on both. The auto industry decided by about 1920 that brakes on all wheels was a good idea. Why not on your trailer?). If you have horses and the trailer’s not at least 7’ tall, you’re likely going to be buying a taller trailer before long. The way we look at it, every time you make a trailer purchase that could have been avoided, you’re losing money. We equip our inventory trailers (and offer guidance on custom trailers) to help you avoid the “I wish I had more length/height/windows/doors… in my trailer” dilemma. If the trailer’s equipped properly, you shouldn’t have to do much more than add hay bags, load your horses and hit the road. (Or if you don’t have horses, load your cows, goats, alpacas or…)

On this Calico lead page, we’re showing some examples of trailers that have proven popular with our customers. Click on one of the flashing “Calico Gallery” buttons on this page and you’ll see more Calico configurations we’ve developed over the years. And we use the term “configurations we’ve developed” for a reason. As we mentioned earlier, the basic building block for a Calico is a stock trailer. We specify the length, height and width we want, whether it keeps air gaps or gets windows, stall divider or not, etc. Calico is very accommodating and their options are reasonably priced, so it’s possible to do a lot on a modest budget. And the knowledge we gained designing custom trailers in our premium brands is put to use in designing sensibly-equipped and affordable Calicos. Just another of those extras you get when you purchase your Calico from Traveled Lane Trailers.

Enough generalizations. Let’s talk about actual trailers. Many shown here are staples of our Calico offerings at Traveled Lane. Others are interesting variations built for individual customers. We’d normally show several pictures of a single model to show you how it’s equipped. Since Calico lets you mix & match features to create your trailer, in a given section, we’re showing features of different trailers so you can see some variations and different colors.




The trailers just above are 2H straight loads. We typically base these on a 12’ body length. The ones in the “two trailers” picture are 7’6” tall, great for large horses. Those are shown with spring-assisted ramp and tack compartment. The white trailer to their right is 7’ tall, great for just about all other sizes. The white one has a ramp, but it also has curtain doors. (A la carte features, remember?) Instead of a tack compartment, the white one was ordered with saddle racks & bridle hooks in the nose. If you want a regular ol’ two horse trailer, skip the extras entirely. The maroon trailer (officially Dark Red in Calico lingo) is another 2H straight load. At 7’6” tall & 6’8”wide, it’s what many consider extra tall and extra wide. It has a tack compartment in the nose and a gate rather than ramp. It was a custom order and is a little more deluxe than our typical inventory versions. It has stall pads and rubber lining on the walls and gate. The final trailer in that group is an enclosed 2H straight with tack compartment to show that, if you wish, you can get it with windows!



Sticking with the straight loads, but moving up a bit in size, the trailers above are 2H straight loads with dressing room. The first 4 pictures are 14 footers, with 10’ for the horses plus a 4’ dressing room. As you can see, they’ll build these with livestock air gaps or with windows. The last trailer in the group is a 16 footer. On that particular trailer, we specified an 11’ horse area and 5’ dressing room. It’s a very well equipped trailer, including windows all around.




Just above are several Calico slant loads. The ones with livestock air gaps and swing-wall dressing room are popular because they’re versatile and very affordable. With Calico, you may specify a dressing room with a fixed or swinging wall. In the slant loads, we usually specify the swinging wall because it lets you open up the interior so you can haul a load of hay, ATV or what have you. While many of our Calico slants go out with air gaps on both sides, one hybrid combination that’s fairly popular is to have drop feed windows on the head wall and air gaps on the opposite wall.

For what it’s worth, Calico will build a 2H slant in a 12’ body length, which is fine for some horses. But keep in mind that the rear stall on the 12 footer is about a foot narrower than the front stall. We order the bulk of our 2H slants as 13 footers to give you two stalls of equal width. Costs a little more than the 12 footer, but we think it’s worth it for the comfort of the horses. As with the straight loads, we’re showing some with air gaps and others with windows so you can see some of the possibilities. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the trailer in the middle row is pink. Calico offers about a dozen standard colors, but they will do custom colors as well (and pink is custom). The pink trailer has optional stall pads and wall mats.

Since you may mix and match features, we’re showing some ramp and gate options. The trailer on the left has a combination of ramp behind a gate. The three center pictures show what we call a “swing and slide” gate, which is standard on livestock models and may be specified on most configurations. The trailer on the right displays multiple options. In keeping with the mix & match theme, you may order: 1) just the ramp, 2) ramp with curtain doors or 3) ramp with curtain doors with windows. (Please note: The silver trailer is an earlier model and has lever-style ramp latches. The white trailer with ramp farther up the page has the fast-action latches that have been standard on Calicos in recent years.)


If you need to move livestock or just want a simple trailer for your horses, Calico offers livestock trailers in a wide range of sizes, in bumper pull and gooseneck hitch. In the pictures above, we’re showing 12’ & 16’ bumper pulls on the left and an 18’ gooseneck in the middle. (Please note that the gooseneck is an earlier picture with a roof style that differs slightly from current models [recent models have a tighter roof radius]. We decided to include it because red’s an attention getter. The red rear view on the right is of a trailer with the current roof shape.) Standard features on livestock models include an escape door and a combination swing & slide gate on the rear. Trailers 14’ & longer come with a standard divider gate to create front and rear compartments. A popular model is a 16’ footer with optional 7’ interior height and floor mats. It’s a versatile trailer that’s great for horses and livestock. As with the horse trailers, you may mix & match options to configure a livestock model to meet your needs.

We invite you to stop by and check out our Calico trailers. We keep a great selection of Traveled Lane Trailers-spec Calicos in stock, which means they’re equipped for safe and convenient use, while taking it easy on the budget. And if you don’t see exactly what you need on the lot, we would be glad to design a Calico just for you!

Please note: Trailers shown may have options not mentioned in the text (such as spare tire, dome lights, etc.). For readability, we’ve just mentioned the significant features and options on each trailer.

Calico Gallery

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