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2005 Jamco 2H Straight Load with Dressing Room
Premium Quality, Roomy & Very Clean!



Jamco is a builder of robust, premium quality aluminum trailers.   This 2005 Jamco Series 2000 model just came in for us to show as a private sale.   It’s very clean, it’s big-horse roomy and has a well-equipped dressing room.   Jamco is a low-volume producer and you don’t see a lot of used ones on the market.   This one’s very nice, so we don’t expect it to be available for long.  Click here to find out more more and see more pictures  Private sale on display at Traveled Lane.   Asking $10,500.

1997 Hawk GN with 6’ Side Ramp and 5’ Dressing Room
Bright, Roomy & Versatile!



This side ramp Hawk gooseneck came in recently for us to show as a private sale.    One of the first things we’d like to point out is that it has some larger-than-typical dimensions that set it apart.   The side ramp is a very generous 6’ wide (compared to 4’ to 5’ on many trailers) and the dressing room is nearly 5’, 25% larger than the more common 4’ dressing room.  At 18’, the horse area is as large as that of many 2+1 trailers.  With the side ramp, this one’s great for unassisted loading and unloading.    Use that generous front space as a tacking/grooming area, a place to carry a small carriage or a breezeway at the show on a hot day!   Click here for more information and pictures.   Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane.   Asking $9000.

2010 Eclipse 2H Slant BP – Extra Tall & 2 Ramps!



The term “lightly used” could have been coined with this 2010 Eclipse in mind.   It came in recently for us to show as a private sale.  According to the owner, it’s never hauled a horse.   She practiced loading and it was used to haul hay twice.   Judging by the absence of horse smells and the strong scent of hay, sounds right to us.   As the title indicates, at 7’6” tall, this trailer is extra tall for a slant load.   It has front and rear ramps, so if you want to unload the front horse, there’s no need to unload the rear horse first.  Body width is a generous 6’8”.   By our tape, the offset on the front stall is 40” and on the rear stall it’s 42”, so the stalls offer good width.   Another appealing feature is the swing-wall dressing room, which lets you open it up to haul a load of hay (this use already owner-tested), small tractor, etc.    This trailer has enough features that it rates a second page, so click here for more information and pictures.   Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane.  Asking $8500. 

2003 Kingston Bedford Warmblood-sized 2H Straight Load


This Kingston Bedford came in for us to show as a private sale. As a Bedford, it has the extra-wide 80” body width. Body length is approximately 12’ and height is 7’5”, so it’s sized to accommodate large horses. There’s plenty of space forward, so even if you secure a tack trunk or other items up there, there’s still plenty of working space. As a Kingston, it’s solidly built, but at approximately 2700 lbs., it’s not super heavy. In typical Kingston fashion, this Bedford is well equipped, with all-around windows for great natural light and ventilation and a wide escape door and running board on each side for convenient entry & exit. Walls and stall divider are padded and the butt bars have Kingston’s fast-action latches to get you out of the kick zone quickly. There are curtain doors with windows above the ramp and the ramp has Kingston’s adjustable spring assist. Your author checked the ramp lift effort while preparing this writeup and found it to be very reasonable.  Four new radial tires were mounted in mid-August 2017, the exterior of the trailer was cleaned and the trailer passed Maryland state inspection at that time as well.  Kingston’s a high-end, low-volume producer and you don’t find many used ones on the market, particularly ones under $10,000. We invite you to stop by and check out this nice Kingston Bedford.  As mentioned above, this is a Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane. Asking $5200.

1999 Kingston Belvedere 2H Straight Load with Dressing Room

1 K Belv 99 CS  IMG_6622.jpg (744324 bytes)   1 K Belv 99 RS angled IMG_6696.jpg (681039 bytes)   1 K Belv 99 Rear closed IMG_6697.jpg (281950 bytes)

1 Ramp dn cropped narrower  IMG_6765.jpg (452392 bytes)   1 Stalls IMG_6766.jpg (754562 bytes)   1 Thru DR door  IMG_6776.jpg (837979 bytes)   1 Upper GN maybe IMG_6851.jpg (819294 bytes)

As the subject line indicates, this is a 1999 Kingston Belvedere, a 2H straight load with room dressing room that came in for us to show as a private sale.  The owners were so pleased with the service they got from this trailer that they recently took delivery of a new Kingston Belvedere Classic.  The warmblood-sized horse area has an escape door and running board on each side for convenient entry & exit, it’s equipped with removable feeders and has plenty of windows for light and ventilation.  The spacious dressing room has two folding saddle racks, several bridle hooks, a curved clothing rod in the corner, a roof vent and several windows.   This one features aluminum skin over a steel frame.   It’s been maintained, but we’d characterize the condition as fair.   Used Kingstons don’t often come on the market, so if you’re looking for a Kingston at a fraction of the cost of a new one, check out this one!   Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane.  Asking $4900.

2000 Jamco Series 2000 3H Slant GN with Extras



This very nice 2000 Jamco 3H Slant just came in for us to display as a private sale.    It was purchased a couple of years ago and the owner found that she didn’t have much time to use it, so it’s time for someone else to enjoy the trailer.  Jamcos are premium aluminum trailers produced in Canada.  This Series 2000 features Jamco’s signature stacked-aluminum-tube walls (stacked like the logs in a log house) to 4’ height in the horse area and structural insulated panels in the upper walls.  This design is strong and quiet.  In the horse area, there’s a drop feed window at the head of each stall, a sliding window at the rear of each and a 2-way vent over each stall.  Light and ventilation are excellent.  Stalls have 40” offsets and the dividers have quick-action latches for ease in loading.  There’s a collapsible rear tack and the swing-out saddle rack tree may be carried back there or up in the dressing room.   The dressing room is approximately 4’ on the short wall and nearly 8’ on the long wall.   This one’s equipped with a mattress for napping or overnighting and the steps to the sleeping area also double as storage.  Jamco is a low-volume producer and used ones don’t often come on the market.   Stop by and check out this one!   Private Sale on display at Traveled Lane.  Asking $10,400.  Click here to see more pictures.

1995 Jamco 6H Slant – Jamco Quality at a Great Price



Here’s a 1995 Jamco 6H slant with rear tack.  Jamco aluminum trailers feature stacked-aluminum-tube walls (we think of it as analogous to how they built kit log homes).  Jamco trailers are very solidly built and feature a high level of standard equipment and excellent craftsmanship. Jamco is a low-volume producer and used ones don’t often come on the market.  A new version of this trailer would cost about $60,000.  This one came in recently for us to show as a private sale.  Asking $13,400.

Can't find the right used trailer?  How about a NEW Calico?
We don't usually show new trailers in our Used trailers listings, but Calicos are so affordable that if you don't find a used trailer that meets your needs, a new Calico might fit your needs and budget.  We have a variety of well-equipped and affordable Calico straight loads (some warmblood-sized) & slants.  Click here to go to our Calico trailers section.

Private Sales
Disclaimer: Many used trailers listed in this section are the property of Traveled Lane Trailers, Inc., but we occasionally list private sale trailers not owned by Traveled Lane. A private sale trailer is identified as such in the description of the trailer. When service or maintenance history is mentioned in a private sale listing, it is based on information provided by the owner of the subject trailer. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by private owners, nor do we warranty/guarantee trailers identified as "private sale."

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