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Portax L K
Front-Unload Ramp (For You and Your Horses!)
& 25" Extra Space Forward

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As we mentioned on our Böckmann main page, the Portax models are roomy, but some folks prefer a bit more storage space, so Böckmann introduced the Portax L series.  Imagine a Portax with an additional 25” of floor space forward of the chest bars and you have the Portax L.  (It has some other noteworthy standard features we'll cover a bit farther down the page...)




Böckmann refers to them as “Portax Large,” but they’re the same width and height as the other Portaxes, so we prefer to think of them as “Portax Long” in recognition of the added space forward.  As with the other Böckmann models, thanks to a light tongue weight and aerodynamic shape, the Portax L models are designed to be pulled safely by smaller-than-typical vehicles.   We've found that quite often, a Böckmann buyer has a compact SUV or truck that's comfortable, easy to handle and offers good fuel economy.  It's not unusual to hear that part of the appeal of the vehicle when not towing is that it can be taken into parking garages or fits smaller parking spots.  For those folks,  a Böckmann makes safe trailering possible without the hassle and expense of a dedicated or thirsty large tow vehicle.



That lighter tongue weight helps a smaller or more softly sprung vehicle remain level for more predictable handling.   In addition, the lighter tongue weight has less effect on the vehicle's ride, to the point that many owners comment that it feels like they're not even pulling a trailer.  (How much lighter is the tongue weight?  Domestically-produced bumper pulls typically carry 10-15% of their load on the hitch, which works out to a loaded tongue weight in the 600-800 lb. range.   In fact, with some front-ramp trailers, because of the extra structure forward, you could have a tongue weight in excess of 800 lbs.  By comparison, Böckmann trailers carry less than 4% of their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating [GVWR] on the hitch.   This means that even when loaded to the maximum, the loaded tongue weight on most Böckmann models will be about 200 lbs., and even for the longer Portax L, it will be under 225 lbs.   That's a lot less weight on your tow vehicle's rear suspension.)




 Böckmann offers a range of Portax L models.   Whether in the Portax or Portax L series, we've found the front-ramp "K" model to be the most popular, so in this section, we're focusing on the Portax L K.   (Or "PLK," for short.)  


As on the Portax K, the Portax L K has the 2-mode ramp/door at the rear as standard equipment.  At the front, the PLK has the easy-to-use front ramp that was originally intended for unloading horses.  However, we've found that even if the horses back off fine and don't require a front ramp, their human attendants will likely use it all the time.  That front ramp is way more convenient than stepping up and down every time.  In addition, thanks to a pair of gas springs, the lift effort is so light that most folks can raise the front ramp using just 1 or 2 fingers.  And with the Portax L K, you get that front-ramp convenience without a massive tongue weight!




The padded center-post stall divider is easily removable, but it also pivots left and right.   This gives the horse in the left stall easy access to the front ramp.   And since the rear half of the stall divider also pivots, you can swing it aside to offer a wide opening while loading or get it out of the way while working with one of your horses.   The walls feature the same high-quality molded pads as the divider and there are kick panels to protect the horses and your trailer's walls.   The PLK has several windows and a roof vent/skylight.  Most folks run with the self-furling rear curtain up, so taken together, there's plenty of natural light and ventilation.  Further to the accommodation of your horses, the PLK comes with a pair of removable feeders.






Where the Portax K has a groom door on one side and the front ramp on the other side, the Portax L K has groom doors on both sides in addition to the front ramp.  The PLK has 2 sliding windows per side (as compared to the Portax’s single sliding window per side) and a roomy tack compartment forward.  The wide racks swing out so you can easily access your saddles while standing next to the trailer.   Studies have shown blue light to be calming to horses, so the PLK's interior lights have two modes.   Flip the switch one way so you'll have white light while tending to the horses.  Flip the switch the other way for calming blue light during travel.   Thoughtful design!





 Another nice touch is the Multi Safe System (MSS) chest and butt bars.   The MSS chest bars have two height positions.   The MSS butt bars have 3 positions and the mounts are angled so that as you lower the bar for a smaller horse, it also shortens the stall.   The bars slip into place easily, so you don't have to fiddle with getting a pin to line up, and they fit snugly, so they're quiet during travel.  If a horse gets caught over or under a bar, unscrew an exterior tie loop with the lug wrench (another thoughtful standard feature!) and the wall mount comes down, freeing your horse without someone having to get in the trailer.   That's the Multi Safe System!  (Please note that for the MSS stall hardware, we're using some detail shots of a Portax K because they're better than the ones we took of the PLK.  We're also using a Portax K to show the stall divider pushed aside from the rear because we forgot to take that shot of a PLK.   Oops.)




 The Portax L series features smooth-riding WCFPlus coil spring suspension with shock absorbers and radial tires.  As expected in the Portax series, there are anodized aluminum stacked-tube double walls capped by a tough fiberglass roof, a rugged galvanized steel chassis and extruded panel aluminum floor (reinforced in high-load areas).  A rubber mat is bonded to the floor and the edges are sealed to keep wastes from reaching the aluminum floor panels.  With the sealed mat, floor clean up is a snap.  Just sweep or hose it out.  In Portax L models, there's an extra layer of mat under the horses' front feet for added comfort.  (As we did with some interior hardware, we're using a couple of detail views of a Portax K to illustrate some PLK features.  In this case, underside views showing the WCFPlus coil spring suspension, chassis design  and floor panels.)  


The 2-mode rear ramp/door features a pair of gas springs that provide strong assist through the ramp's full travel from all the way down to all the way up.   The 5' tall ramp/door offers a comfortable incline for loading and unloading and the contoured mat offers excellent footing.



If you haul a variety of horses and would like to have a front ramp for the occasional balky backer, or if you like the idea of that front ramp making it easier on your legs as you scoot in and out of the trailer, the Portax L K could be the trailer for you.  It offers all the benefits of the front-ramp Portax K, plus additional working and storage space!

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