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Portax Series

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Portax K Front Unload
Portax E

Model Summary:   There’s a whole family of Portax models.  The first two we’re going to mention are the very popular Portax K and Portax E, for horses to 18 hands.  That’s a Portax K on the left and as you can see, it has a front unload ramp.   That’s a Portax E on the right.  Whereas the Portax K has a groom door on the left and the front-unload ramp on the right, the Portax E has a tall groom door on each side.  Even if your horses back off the trailer willingly and a front-unload capability isn’t an absolute requirement, some find the Portax K’s easy-to-use front ramp very convenient for scooting in and out of the trailer.

       Portax Profi

       Big Portax 2H Straight Load

     Big Portax Cross 3H Slant

Next up is the Portax Profi. The Profi has a full-height tack compartment, suitable for Western or English tack.   The Profi’s tack compartment offers great accommodations for your tack, but it does occupy what would otherwise be head space, so the Profi is recommended for horses to 16 hands.  And finally, there are thee Big Portaxx, a 2H straight load with tack room, and thee Big Portax Crosss, a 3H slant load with tack room.    Because of their size, the latter two require special handling for trans-ocean shipment and are offered on special-order basis.  

With the introductions out of the way, let’s talk about the very popular Portax K and Portax E and then we’ll say a few words about the other Portax models. 


 A Portax feature that most folks notice right away (possibly influenced by the fact that we have usually   just said “here’s a popular Portax feature…”) is the tall groom door(s).   Those of you who have owned or researched European horse trailers have probably come to expect them to have partial-height doors.   With a little technique, it’s easy enough to get in and out through a partial-height door, but some folks prefer taller doors.  And those folks usually purchase a Portax, because Portaxes have standing-height doors.   (We could probably call them full-height doors and most readers wouldn’t object, but since they’re not quite as tall as the walls, we’re calling them “standing-height.”)


Another thing users like about the Portax series is the 2-mode Ramp/Door.  It’s optional on the other model lines, but it’s standard on the Portax.   Whether your horse ramp-loads or prefers to step up, the  Ramp/Door accommodates, all in one trailer.

Following is a link to a factory-produced video on the Ramp/Door: 

Ramp/Door swung aside to permit loading of hay, but keep in mind, you can use it for step-up loading, too.  This is one of the links listed on our Böckmann main page, but we’ve included it here as well because the Ramp/Door is a significant standard feature on Portax models.  

As mentioned in the summary, the Portax E and K are for horses to 18 hands.   The body length on each is 11’6” and body height is a touch over 7’6”.  As with Böckmann’s other 18-hand models, a Portax is 4 inches wider than many European trailers.   By our tape, usable stall width is over 32 inches, so stocky, muscled horses fit comfortably.  We use the term “usable stall width” because brochures usually overstate things by ignoring space lost to the stall divider, pads and wall structure.  While a European trailer isn’t as bulky as the typical domestic trailer, keep in mind that over here in the States, many of our horse breeds originated over there.  The trailers were designed to accommodate them.  


Portax models have a center-post stall divider that allows the front and rear halves of the divider to swing independently when a butt bar or chest bar is lowered.  This divider was developed for the front-unload Portax K so that you may swing the divider to the right to give the horse in the left stall a clear path to the side ramp.  Böckmann decided to make the center-post divider standard on various Portax models, where it offers other benefits.  Swing the rear half of the divider aside and it presents an inviting wide opening for loading.   Or swing it aside to facilitate tacking or putting on shipping boots. 

Here’s a link to a video that shows Ease of loading and unloading.  This is one of the videos listed on our Böckmann main page, but we’ve included it here as well because it shows how the Portax’s center post divider lets you swing front and rear sections out of the way to facilitate working with the horses.


The interiors of the Portax E, K and Profi (more on the Profi  shortly) are bright, inviting and well-ventilated, thanks to sliding windows on the sides, a fixed window at the front and a roof vent/skylight overhead.  Most folks run with the self-furling rear curtain open, further contributing to interior brightness and air flow. 

Portax E Tack Compartment
Portax E Saddle Carousel

Portax K Tack Compartment 
Portax K Saddle Racks

A 2-door tack compartment with Saddle Carousel is standard on the Portax E.   The Saddle Carousel rotates and telescopes so the saddles may be accessed through either groom door opening.   A spacious tack compartment is available for the Portax K, and while it’s optional, we nearly always order it on trailers for inventory.   The Portax K tack compartment has wider racks that can accommodate English and Western saddles and the racks extend so the saddles may be easily accessed at the groom door opening. Here’s a link to the Böckmann factory video showing the Saddle Carousel in action.


We have a fairly extensive list of features on our Böckmann main page, so we’ll just touch briefly on some Portax standard features, such as the quick & quiet & adjustable Multi Safe System chest & butt  bars (with external emergency release), well-proven inertia-actuated mechanical brakes that apply braking force automatically in proportion to the load in the trailer (and don’t require a brake controller in the vehicle) and the smooth-riding WCFPlus® coil spring suspension.   The walls are of long-lasting anodized aluminum and the stacked aluminum tubes create a double wall structure that’s strong and quiet.   As with most other Böckmann models, a rubber mat is bonded to the extruded aluminum floor and the edges are sealed.   This protects the floor planks, but more important in day-to-day use, post-trip clean-up is a breeze, as you don’t have to lift the mat.


Portaxes are very well equipped in standard configuration, but several options are offered.   The anodized aluminum walls are always silver-gray, but various colors for the roof and nose are offered.  The standard fenders are black plastic, but fiberglass fenders and brace covers in various colors may be specified as an option.   Lattice and solid head dividers are offered, as are an exterior tie bar/saddle rest, fold-down mounting step, full width butt & chest bars (to create a box stall), alloy wheels, small/large/extra-large graphics  and more.


Next in the Portax family is the Profi.  The signature feature on the Profi is the full height Western tack compartment up front.  The body of the Profi is the same size as those of the Portax E and K, but because the Profi’s generous tack compartment occupies a fair amount of space forward, the Profi is recommended for horses to 16 hands (as opposed to 18 hands for Portax E and K.)

Here’s a  link to a video showing the Portax Profi in use.

The Profi has 2 standing-height groom doors and the 2-mode Ramp/Door as standard, as well as numerous windows, MSS chest & butt bars, WCFPlus® coil spring suspension  and more, as on the other Portax models.                                                                                                                               

Big Portax 2H Straight Load
Big Portax Cross 3H Slant Load

And finally in the Portax family, there are the Big Portax and Big Portax Cross.  The Big Portax is a 2H straight load with a walk-in tack room of approximately 46” from front to back wall.    The Big Portax Cross is a 3H slant load with a slant-wall tack room up front.   Body height is just shy of 8 feet on these  Big Portaxes, so headroom is particularly generous.   The Big Portaxes are 3 inches wider than the other Portaxes, which makes them about 7 inches wider than many European horse trailers.   While most Böckmanns are shipped to North America in shipping containers, the Big Portax & Cross are too tall and wide to fit and require special handling for trans-ocean shipment.  We typically don’t stock the Big Portax and Big Portax Cross, but price quotes will be furnished on request. 


The Portax K and Portax E are some of our most popular models, so we try to keep a good selection in stock.  We invite you to stop by and see for yourself why the Portaxes are so popular!

(Please note:   Most of the features shown here are standard, but some trailers are shown with options.  Some images courtesy of Böckmann North America and Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH.)

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