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The CALICO Gallery
at Traveled Lane

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We’re in the process of updating & reorganizing our Calico section to show you more of what Calico can do and has done for us.  It’s taking a while for us to find the time to do the full revision, so we decided to add this Calico Gallery as an interim step to show you more of the trailer styles, features and configurations Calico has built for us.  If you like the Calicos, but don’t see exactly what you want, feel free to give us a call.

Please note that all the trailers shown here have optional equipment.  For brevity, in each caption, we mention the significant feature or features, but may not mention all options shown.  In the initial format of this Calico Gallery, we’re showing a side view of each trailer with a brief description.  Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to add content to let you click on a picture and see more features of that particular trailer.  Keep in mind that each of our Calicos is built with the features we specify, so it’s possible to mix and match features.

Straight Loads  

Here’s a 14’ 2H straight load with 4’ curved door dressing room.  It’s enclosed, has plenty of windows,
2 escape doors & more.

At first glance, this may look like the Trailer to the left.  But this one is 12’
and has a tack compartment instead
of a dressing room.

Here’s a 14’ 2H straight load with 4’ curved door dressing room.  This one has air gaps instead of windows and  is 7’6” tall for large horses.  We often stock in 7’ height as well.

Here’s an example of our very popular 2H straight load with tack compartment.  This one’s 7’6” tall and has a rear ramp.  Also available in 7’ height.  Cherry Red Metallic shown.

Place mouse on picture
to see alternate color
Want just a basic 2H straight load? This might be the trailer for you. 7’ tall shown here, but 7’6” is popular, too. This version has a rear ramp. Larger views: Saddle Pearl and Amazon Green Metallic colors shown.

Place mouse on picture
to see alternate color
This is a  2H straight load with rear gate rather than ramp.  This one is 7’ tall with 12’ body length.  Calico will build it 7’6” tall if you prefer.  Larger views: Red and Pewter Metallic colors shown.

This trailer shows many of Calico’s available features.  It’s a 16’ 2H straight load with 11’ for the horses plus a 5’ dressing room. This size lets you have a flat side door for the dressing room.  Notable features – enclosed sides, windows, 2 escape doors, floor mats, wall mats & much more.

You may have noticed a theme here – Show one trailer, then show a variation of it.  This one has the same 2H+DR floor plan  as the 16 footer to the left, but has  livestock air gaps instead of windows.  Bright & inviting and a bit more affordable.

Here’s another 7’6” tall 2H straight load with tack compartment.  This one has the optional front feed door.  
The key feature here is the Galvanneal side panels.  Shown in Silver Metallic with natural-finish Galvanneal side panels . Galvanneal available on most Calicos by special request.

Slant Loads

This is a Calico 16’ 3H slant Stock Combo.  Equipped with the Poor Boy dressing room. (The DR wall is on hinges so you can open up the interior of the trailer to haul hay, etc.) Shown with optional Saddle Boss molded saddle racks.  Standard escape door  on first stall. Standard step-up with rear gate.  Shown in Dark Slate Metallic.

Here’s a Calico 13’ 2H slant Stock Combo.  The basic 2H slant is a 12 footer, but we typically order the 13’ so the rear stall is as wide as the front stall.  Standard escape door on the first stall.  This has the Poor Boy hinged-wall dressing room.  Shown in Pewter Metallic.

Here are many Calico options on one trailer.  It’s a 13’ 2H slant.  6’8” extra width option.  Enclosed sides with drop down feed doors on the head wall.  Windows on the kick wall.  Optional rear ramp, floor mats, dressing room and much more.  Shown in Silver Metallic.

Here’s a Calico 16 configured as a plus-sized 2H slant.  It’s 7’6” tall and has 2 extra wide slant stalls  where there would normally be 3.  Optional drop down feed doors – lower just the window or window & guard.  Standard escape door on first stall.  Shown in Indigo Metallic.

Here’s a rear view of the 7’6” tall Calico 16 with oversized stalls.  Shows rear gate with optional windows and removable upper panel.  This one’s a step-up, but there are various ramp, gate and ramp over gate options.  This one has dressing room, roof vents & much more.

Here’s a rear view of the Silver 6’8” wide 2H slant showing the optional rear ramp with storm curtain doors and windows.  Various rear ramp and gate options available.

 Livestock Models

That’s a Calico 16’ livestock model in Cherry Red Metallic on the left and a 12’ livestock in Standard Red on the right.  Both shown in optional 7’ interior height so they can be used for livestock or horses.  Standard escape door and stone guard.  Optional spare tire shown.  Each has standard swing & slide rear gate.  16’ model has divider gate – great if you need to keep horses or livestock separated.

Here are a couple of Calico 12’ livestock models.  Standard Red on the left & Indigo Metallic on the right.  Shown with optional 7’ interior height.  Economical transportation for livestock or horses.  Calico offers livestock models in a variety of sizes & colors and most models available as bumper pull or gooseneck.

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